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21 Jul 2019





14 Jul 2019





Sussex Judo AGM

Well done to the team at Tonbridge! Today some great judo from our fighters.

Wonderful seeing so many helping - without officials our comps can't run!


Final results:

🥇Sophia  🥇Reece  🥇Rebecca  🥈Charlotte  🥈Keira  🥉James  🥉Bradley


Thanks to Aaron, Peter, Callum, Lucy, Zara, Megan, Charlotte and Bradley for helping today.



Congratulations to Karen, who has been appointed as Sussex County Judo Secretary!









14 Jul 2019



13 Jul 2019



10 Jul 2019

Eastern Area


Balcombe Fete


Junior European Championships

Fun run out for the dragons today in Thetford. Chance to try new grips and techniques. Final results:



🥇Sam u34kg  🥇Zara u28/32kg

🥇Lucy u36kg



🥇Aidan u38kg  🥉Sam u38kg

🥇Lucy u36/40kg  🥇Louis u42kg

🥈Mikey u42kg  🥇Grace u52kg

🥇Decs u50/55kg


Thanks Clare and Lisa for coaching




Thanks so much to the team who came to help out at the Balcome Fete.


Not many of us but we can still put on a show!


Thanks to Josh, Callum, Daniil, Zara, Cerys and Ajin



Congrats to Lisa on being selected to referee at the Junior European Championships in September in Finland!









7 Jul 2019



29/30 Jun 2019



22 Jun 2019

Surrey Open


Kent International


Flevoland Open, Holland

Well that was a fun morning at Surrey at the age banded open. Some big groups in the younger age bands but the dragons were breathing fire today!

Final results were:


🥇Viadotas u27  🥇Nikolas u30

🥇Tyler u34  🥇Callum u38

🥇Peter u50, o50  🥇Zara u28

🥇Lucy u32  🥈Megan u32

🥈Charlotte u40



🥇Tyler u34  🥇Callum u38

🥇Thomas u50  🥇Mia u52,57,63!

🥈Dovydas u38  🥈Declan u50


Well done everyone!


Wow what a day! Despite the 34° heat the Kin Ryu dragons were amazing!

The players fought with true and left everything on the mat. They won like champions but also showed grace in defeat so as a coach who can ask for more.


Final results:


🥇Zara u25 🥉Rebecca u36

🥈Peter u50


Orange and Green

🥇Declan u50 🥈Sam u30

🥈Aidan u38 🥈Mia u52

🥉Callum u38 🥉David u46

5th Hana u44 5th Rhian u63

7th Joshua u55 7th Lucy u36


Unplaced Dovydas u38, Megan u36, Daniel u46


Masters – Clare - Gold

Seniors - Megan - Bronze


Well done to everyone! Very proud coaches!



Well done to our team here in Flevoland.

Some great judo from the Kin Ryu team.

Bronzes for Decs and Katherine, 5th for Louis and 7th for Callum. Well done team!









13 Jun 2019



9 Jun 2019



4 Jun 2019

Katherine’s Dan Grade


Sussex Open


Lugi Camp, Sweden

Congratulations to Katherine to was awarded her Dan grade last night.

She has also been invited to represent England at the Commonwealth tournament.

Fantastic achievements all round well done Kat!



Well done to everyone who fought today at the Sussex red and yellow and senior blue and under.


Final results were:

Red and yellow

🥇Zara 🥇Viadotas 🥇Peter

🥇Callum 🥈Daniil 🥈Charlotte

🥉Rebecca 5th Reece


Senior blue and under

🥇 Kęstutis


Congratulations to Aaron who passed his Area refereeing award with flying colours.


Thanks to Megan, Dovydas and Callum who helped with coaching and tabling all day and Martin, Steve and Peter for refereeing. Well done team Kin Ryu!


Well done to our U13's today at the kids cup. All fought brilliantly and for the 1st time in 12 years everone took a medal!!


Final results

🥇Lucy 🥇Tyler 🥇Callum

🥇 Mikey 🥇Josh 🥈Daniel

🥉Rebecca 🥉Megan 🥉Peter


Fantastic effort from the whole team and all the older player were right by their side the whole way with mumma b leading the charge! Well done team, now back to training #nostoppingthem


Awesome day today for our pre-cadets and cadets at the Budo Nord cup. Everyone put in 100% and came away with impressive results!

🥇Mia u52 🥉Louis u42

🥉 Decs u50 7th Thomas u46

7th Thea u63 9th Kat u63


Kat and Thea then fought again in Juniors for the first time, and no wins but great mat time.


Well done Clare, Megan, and Meg for getting round all the mats and supporting the athletes, great day!














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Mick Leigh (Kin Ryu founder, on left) is presented to Risei Kano (Son of founder of Judo (Jigoro Kano), on right) by John Capes (C)1961. Gunji Koizumi, who first brought judo to the UK is on the far right. More



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Mick Leigh (Kin Ryu founder, on right) competes against Anton Geesink in 1968 at the Royal Albert Hall.

Anton was a Dutch 10th dan judoka. He was the first non-Japanese judoka to win gold at the World Judo Championship, a feat he accomplished in 1961 and 1965. He was also an Olympic Champion, having won gold at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Japan (the year Mick was reserve), and won a record 21 European Judo Championships during his career.