2007 Final Flurry
December 2007

Pictured Above: Members of Kin Ryu Judo Cub proudly showing off their medals and new belts!

Sunday was the final outing for Kin Ryu Judo Club’s competitors for 2007 but they were all determined to make it a great finish.

10 youngsters braved the cold and travelled to Dartford for their end of year Christmas invitation event.

The first to fight was Corlia Robertson in the 5 – 6 yr old group.

Corlia was in the largest group with six other youngsters all wanting gold, but she was determined to win and did so in style winning all her fights and taking her first gold medal.

Following her was her brother Andrew in the 7 – 8 year old group, he was also showing some of his best judo and did well to take third place and a bronze medal.

Across on the opposite mat brothers Joseph and David O’Doherty were looking to round off a very successful competitive year that has seen them take nearly 20 medals between them!

Joseph fought first and stormed through his group to take gold in style with no fight lasting longer than 15 seconds.

David then fought and showed great skill winning all his fights except the final and settling for a well earned silver medal.

To round off this section Jack Thompson and Sean Cumper had to put their friendship aside (but only for a minute) as they were drawn in the same group against one another.

Both fought hard but one had to lose as Jack came out the victor to take gold in the group, while Sean took a well earned bronze.

In the 8 – 9 year old girls Ellie Angus was coming back from a break to enter her first event for a few months.

You would never have known it though as she fought 4 tough fights one after another (with no breaks due to an administrative error!!) to win gold in her group.

Kimberley was next up to fight and after her last competition was determined to take a medal and she did so winning the bronze medal in her group.

In the 10 – 12 year old boys section saw Kin Ryu’s last two fighters Tommy Angus and Zac Dowding.

Both boys had a difficult task as they were both in tough groups against some good fighters, but both fought well with Tommy taking silver in his group and Zac taking bronze in his.

An excellent way to round off a great year for all!

Across the area in Worthing some of Kin Ryu’s older members were fighting for their grades at the Sussex grading.

The first group to fight were the Senior Men and in this section were Kin Ryu members Gareth Norman and Andrew Stay.

For Gareth there was more than just grades at stake but pride as well following his silver medal at the BJC nationals only two weeks earlier.

This is a great achievement and he becomes Kin Ryu’s second National medalist during 2007, following Zoe Killick’s National Schools medal earlier this year.

Both fought hard and had some tough fights but their hard work was rewarded as Andrew went up from his Green Belt to his Blue Belt and Gareth from his Blue to his Brown.

In the Girls group, Zoe Killick was looking to round off a successful year and did this by increasing her grade to top orange (9th mon) ready to go for her green belt next year, and Beckie Kirkham rounded off a successful weekend by getting her orange belt (7th mon).

Well done to all fighters and looking forward to next year!