Gold for Gareth at BJC Welsh Open
21 October 2007

Kin Ryu's Gareth Norman

On Sunday Kin Ryu Judo Club fighter Gareth Norman became the latest Gold medallist for the club after winning the Welsh Senior BJC Open in Cardiff.

This was a tough event with Gareth fighting players far older and more experienced than him, but he did not let this deter him and stormed through his first fight throwing his opponent for ippon (a ten point score and win in judo).

His second fight was tougher but he was again able to throw his opponent for ippon, with a well practiced foot sweep.

The final turned into a real struggle but whilst fighting on the ground Gareth saw his opportunity and strangled his opponent until he submitted, a win only permitted in senior judo.

This win secured the gold and the biggest trophy.

Well done Gareth!