Gatwick Diamond Games
2 June 2007

Kin Ryu’s junior members took to the mat, fighting for Crawley Town at the Diamond Gatwick Games held at K2.

This event is a development competition and gives children of all abilities a chance to compete against one another.

Kin Ryu had 12 youngsters competing and all gave an outstanding performance against some tough opposition.

Congratulations to the following Kin Ryu Players, who competed:

Connor Charnock, Bronze

Marcus Sole, Gold

Jason Sole, Silver

David O Doherty, Gold

Elena Angus, Bronze

Anna O Doherty, Gold

Becky Kirkham, Silver

Shani Light, Silver

Naomi Searle, Bronze

Zoe Killick, Bronze

Rebecca Mortimer, Gold

Lucy Marriott, Bronze

And the following, in their official capacities:

Paul Rouch, Coach

Peter Seymour, Referee-In-Charge