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Kin Ryu at the High Wycombe Masters

Pictured above Gavin (right) during the final and after receiving the Gold.

On Saturday 19th May, Kin Ryu member Gavin Archibald competed at the High Wycombe Masters Championships.

This was to be Gavin's first outing since injuring his knee in October last year.

Fighting in the 35 - 44 year old category, he was also put to the test, as he just missed his normal fighting weight of U81kgs, so fought in the U90's for the first time.

His day got off to a cracking start, when he threw his opponent in the first few seconds for Ippon (full 10-point score) with a devastating Tai-Otoshi (Body Drop) throw.

His next two contests were much the same, as he beat his opponents with Ippon-scoring Tai-Otoshi and O-Uchi-Gari (Major Inner Reaping) throws.

This put Gavin into the final, where he faced the current U90kgs British Masters Champion.

After circling each other for a few seconds, grips were established and then Gavin spun in for another great Tai-Otoshi.

20 seconds had elapsed of the final, the current U90kgs British Masters Champion was flat on his back, and Gavin had won the Gold!