Kent International 2009
27/28 June 2009

Pictured above Kin Ryu's Judoka
The '118-247' girls(!) and David, Jane, Joseph, Shani and Zoe.

On Saturday six players from Kin Ryu Judo Club travelled to the newly re-furbished Crystal Palace in South London for the Kent International Judo Tournament.

This is the largest judo event in the UK, with over 1000 players from across Europe competing in a range of age and grade banded categories on 7 mat areas.

For 4 of the 6 young Kin Ryu players this was to be their first taste of competition at this level and for the others a chance to better last years performance in a new category.

First to fight was Jane Neave in the yellow belt girl’s section.

Jane won her first fight against a young Dutch player with a great throw and hold down, but was unlucky to lose her next two fights and had to settle just outside the medals in fifth place.

Following her was Joseph O’Doherty and Andrew Robertson in the yellow belt boy’s section.

Andrew fought first and was unlucky on this occasion; losing both his fights to more experienced players but should be proud of the way he fought.

Joseph fought well and stormed through the early rounds to get to the quarter- finals, he was unlucky to lose with seconds to go to the Latvian player and then had the hard task of fighting back through the repecharge.

He won his next fight but lost the next placing him in 7th position, which is a good result for this level of event.

The last to fight in the yellow belt section was Shani Light who found herself in a tough group but fought hard to come away with a silver medal.

In the orange and green belt section, David O’Doherty started in a group of 46 boys, he was unlucky to lose his first fight with just 3 seconds to go and had to fight through the repecharge to get to the medal fights.

David won his next three contests in style to get to the last 16 fighters, but he lost his next contest against a boy three years his senior to put him out of the event, but this is still an outstanding result and puts him in a great position for the British Championships later this year.

Last to fight was Zoe Killick in the blue and brown belt section and Zoe got off to a great start throwing her opponent in just 4 seconds, she then held this form to storm through and win the Gold at her last ever junior Kent International Championships.

Well done to all!!