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Kin Ryu Team at the British Open 2007

Pictured above some of Kin Ryu's juniors at the 2007 British Open

This year's British Open Judo Championships were held at K2 in Crawley, and Kin Ryu Judo Club members were more involved more than ever before!

The involvement from the club started days before the event with Martin Rivers being interviewed on Southern Counties Radio about the event, as well as taking part in an East verses West Sussex judo quiz (eventually drawing with the person from East Sussex).

Over the weekend club members were called on in many different roles, with Martin Rivers and Lisa Harrison both refereeing at the event and Peter Seymour assisting at Judogi Control.

On Saturday Junior members Anna ODoherty, Beckie Kirkham, Elena Angus, Josh Brixey, Lucy Marriot, Rebecca Mortimer, Tommy Angus and Zoe Killick all assisted with the medal presentations, as flag bearers and medal holders for the VIPs presenting the medals, including British Judo Chairman Densign White.