Lugi Judo Camp 2008, Sweden

1 - 3 May 2008

Pictured above Course attendees, including Lisa, David (Snr), Gareth, Zoe and David (Jnr)

Five members of the club, David O’Doherty (jnr), Zoe Killick, Gareth Norman, David O’Doherty (snr) and Lisa Harrison travelled to Lund in Sweden to attend the Lugi international training camp.

This was a camp for players aged between 10 – 19 and was attended by more than 750 judo players from all around Europe including National teams from Britain, France, Spain and Sweden.

This was a tough three days for all five players and tested their powers of endurance to the limit with more than 3 hours of training and fitness a day but all enjoyed and benefited from the experience.