Refereeing Course
9 August 2009

Pictured above Kin Ryu's officials - Andrew Woods, David O'Doherty (Jnr), David O'Doherty (Snr) , Jack Thompson, James Rivers Jane Neave, Kirstyn Chase, Lauren Graves, Lisa Harrison, Martin Rivers, Matthew Graves Peter Neave, Peter Seymour, Scott Woods, Stephen Dunn, and Zoe Killick.

Congratulations to Kin Ryu Judo Club's 13 budding Officials - who recently attended a National Refereeing Course and Examination.

All were put through their paces over the course of the day by the Club's Referee Examiners Martin Rivers, Lisa Harrison and Peter Seymour.

They had to study the International Rule Book, learning aspects of the Scores and Penalties, Controlling a Contest, Judo Uniform Regulations and Refereeing Signals, and then complete a theory examination.

The latter part of the day consisted of a Practical Examination, with everyone having to take part in contests against each other and referee and judge others' contests.

The minimum requirement for the Junior qualification is 10 years and orange belt, so those who didn't quite reach that were all presented with well-earned certificates, having certainly showed their peers that they've got what it takes to get qualified in the future they were Lauren Graves, Kirstyn Chase, Andrew Woods, Scott Woods, Matthew Graves, James Rivers, Jack Thompson and Jane Neave.

David O'Doherty (Jnr) put in a fine performance to gain his Level 1 Officials' Qualification; Peter Neave built on his previous Level 1 experience to gain his Level 2 Qualification, and Zoe Killick was on top of her game, passing the highest junior level - Level 3 - theory examination with 100%.

For Killick and the 2 Senior 'Area' Level Candidates - Stephen Dunn and David O'Doherty (Snr) who both passed their Theory Examination the Practical Examination will be done at a Sussex County Competition in the near future, but they will all be getting some practice at next month's Sussex Yellow Belt Rumble.

Well done to all!!