Silver Club Accreditation
11 June 2007

Kin Ryu Judo Club, based in K2, Crawley, has become one of five judo clubs in the UK to gain British Judo's Silver Club Accreditation Award, which incorporates the prestigious Sport England Clubmark.

The British Judo award recognises those clubs that provide opportunities for its members to learn, grade and compete and create a specifically trained workforce of coaches, officials and administrators. It also recognises clubs that are best placed to work in partnership with other local agencies such as local authorities, to develop sustainable judo opportunities.

The Clubmark is a Sport England initiative, which provides a 'kite mark' of quality for sports clubs. It is open to any club that fulfils the necessary criteria. The purpose is to identify those clubs that have shown that they are properly and efficiently managed, provide a safe environment for young players to learn and enjoy their sport, and have a high standard of ethics towards all members.

Karen French - a Development Officer for British Judo's - visited Kin Ryu at their venue to make the presentation to the club. Peter Seymour, Kin Ryu's co-lead coach received the award.

Karen also put the junior members through their paces, with an hour's training session of throwing techniques, ground-holds and judo games.

Crawley's Deputy Mayor - Councillor Howard Bloom - was invited to present the club with the Sport England Clubmark. This was accepted by Martin Rivers, Kin Ryu's co-lead coach.

Shelley Meyern - Sussex County Sport Partnership's Club and Volunteer Development Officer - was also at the evening, to present Kin Ryu coaches Martin Rivers, Peter Seymour and Lisa Harrison, with Platinum Volunteer Awards, for their services to Judo in both the Club and Sussex.

The final presentation of the evening was to the club, by Kate Wilson - Crawley Borough Council 'Active Crawley' Development Officer. As part of the Active Crawley initiative, the club won a prize draw development cheque of 250, which will go towards buying new crash mats.

The session was completed with all club members being presented with certificates marking the occasion.

Kin Ryu Judo Club, on the Award Night.

Back Row:
Martin Rivers, Kin Ryu Co-Lead Coach
Kate Wilson, (Guest) Crawley Borough Council 'Active Crawley' Development Officer
Peter Seymour, Kin Ryu Co-Lead Coach
Gareth Norman, Senior Member
Aden Rouch, Senior Member
Bill Sharp, Senior Member
Paul Rouch, Kin Ryu Coach
Matt Kilpatrick, Senior Member
Neil Seymour, Senior Member
Margaret Geering, Senior Member
Steve Dunn, Kin Ryu Coach
Karen French, (Guest) British Judo Association Development Officer
Mrs Bloom, (Guest) Crawley's Deputy Mayor's Wife

Second Row:
Shelley Meyern, (Guest) Sussex County Sport Partnership's Club and Volunteer Development Officer
Mick Leigh, Kin Ryu Founder and Life-President
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
Amelia Dunn, Senior Member
Councillor Howard Bloom, (Guest) Crawley's Deputy Mayor

Third Row:
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)

Front Row:
Lisa Harrison, Kin Ryu Coach
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)
(Junior Member)

Junior members pictured:
Anna ODoherty
Beckie Kirkham
Bradley Avery
Coral Marriott
David ODoherty
Ellie Angus
Ellis Rouch
Emily Humphrey
Grace Carrington
Hector Robinson
Jack Thompson
Joseph ODoherty
Josh Brixley
Kimberley Davy
Lucy Marriott
Marcus Sole
Nathan Schrembri
Rebecca Mortimer
Sean Cumper
Tommy Angus
William Miller
Zoe Killick