Sussex Red and Yellow Belt Open
11 November 2007

Kin Ryu’s boys: Marcus Sole, Jason Sole, David O’Doherty.

On Sunday five competitors from Kin Ryu Judo Club fought at the Sussex Red and Yellow Belt Open held at Worthing. This event is open to fighters throughout the country who hold either a red or yellow belt and competition is fierce.

In the boys U30 kgs Marcus Sole and David O’Doherty found themselves in a group of over fifteen other boys. Marcus fought first and was unlucky to draw the eventual bronze medallist in his first fight, he fought hard in his next fight taking the boy, who was two belts higher than him, to time before narrowly losing to a small score. This was an excellent performance for this young player especially given this was only his third event! David fought next and won his first fight with a spectacular ippon (win in judo) throw. David was wining his second fight but was unlucky to be thrown by his opponent with just 20 seconds to go. His third fight was for the bronze medal but it was not to be this time and David had to settle for a well earned fifth place.

In the U42 kgs Jason Sole also found himself in a big group of twelve boys. Jason was unlucky to lose his first fight which gave him the hard task of fighting through the repecharge for bronze but he was determined and won his next two fights with relative ease. In the bronze medal fight Jason took an early lead throwing his opponent in the first twenty seconds, but with less than a minute to go Jason was thrown by his opponent and he also had to settle for a well earned fifth place.

After the boys it was the turn of the girls and up first was Kimberley Davy in the U25 kgs. For Kimberley this was always going to be a tough day as it was her first big competition but she showed early on that she was not going to let this effect her. Kimberly had four fights to get to her bronze medal fight and she to had to settle for a well deserved fifth place. In the U48 kgs Anna O’Doherty was determined to end the day on a high note which she did winning her bronze medal fight and securing third place. Well done to all!!

And the following, in their official capacities:

Lisa Harrison, Coach
Peter Seymour, Referee
Martin Rivers, Referee