Sussex Orange Belt Open
25 January 2009

Kin Ryu's Judoka.

Kin Ryu fighters have once again been busy fighting this time in Worthing, Sussex at the Orange belt and Under Open.

Kin Ryu was represented by three young fighters David O’Doherty in the U34kgs, Peter Neave in the U42kgs and for the girls Jane Neave in the U28kgs.

David got the club off to a great storming through his group to the Finals showing great skill as he won all his fights by ippon (a direct win in Judo).

In the final David fought well and was unlucky to get thrown in the last few seconds, spoiling his ten competition unbeaten record but still taking a well deserved silver medal.

Following him for the boys was Peter and after narrowly missing his weight group he found he was in a tough group all of whom weighed more than him.

Peter got off to a great start winning his first fight in under ten seconds, in his second he too lost in the dying seconds to go through to the repecharge to fight for bronze.

Peter battled hard but was unlucky to lose his last fight and the bronze medal but took fifth in a group of 16 so should be pleased with his performance.

Rounding off the day was Jane and after a shaky start, losing her first fight, she picked herself up and fought hard to take the silver in her group throwing her last opponent with a great ippon throw.

Lisa, Martin, Peter, Zoe and Shani were also in attendance as coaches, referees and assistant coaches.

Well done to all!!