Sussex Red and Blue Belt Open 2008
16 June 2008

Pictured above: David, James, Matthew, Jack, Sean, Kimberley and Joseph.

On Sunday, Kin Ryu Judo Club were celebrating its most recent successes following the Sussex Junior Red Belt Rumble and Senior Blue Belt and Under Open.

The Red Belt Rumble is an event open to any red belt (beginners’ belt) in the country and attracted competitors from as far away as the Midlands!

For all the fighters this was their first taste of open competition and Kin Ryu was represented by six young players.

The first to fight was Joseph who had one of the toughest jobs of the day being the lightest boy in the competition, but he did not let this deter him and produced some outstanding techniques to win a silver medal.

Following him was James who also won a silver medal after winning his final fight with a huge ippon (win in judo) in just 4 seconds!

In the final boys group Jack, Matthew and Sean were all unfortunate to be drawn against one another as well as two other boys.

They all fought their hardest and demonstrated some excellent technical abilities but one had to win and on the day it was Jack who won all four of his fights with very convincing ippons to take gold.

Sean fought well and was unfortunate to lose his last fight but took a well deserved bronze medal.

Finishing off the boys group was Matthew who had the hardest task of all being drawn against his club mates on his competitive debut but he did not let this worry him and won his first fight with just seconds to go to take the other bronze medal in his group.

In the girls group Kimberley was the clubs only representative but she made her presence know with some outstanding judo and a took a hard earned bronze medal in her group.

In the senior competition David O’Doherty looked like he meant business as he stormed through his group to take Gold, this win was made even more special as he weighed in as the lightest in his group and had to compete against younger guys almost 15kgs heavier.

Zoe, Lisa, Peter and Martin were there in their offical capacities are referees, coaches and organisers.

Well done to everyone!!