Tonbridge Invitation
6 December 2009

Pictured above Kin Ryu's Judoka

Kin Ryu Judo club rounded off a very successful 2009 with a last medal haul at the Class Master invitation last weekend held in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

This was to be a tough event even for some of the clubs more seasoned players and although they were nervous they were determined to do their best.

In the youngest group Kin Ryu was represented by George Harman, Lia Thompson and Katherine Burke who are all aged 5-6.

All fought well and showed some great skill especially for their age and experience and resulted in Katherine taking a silver medal and Lia and George a bronze.

George was then awarded the Spirit of judo award for his group for his determination as he was the smallest and youngest in the group but held his own exceptionally well!

Following these were the players in the 7 8 year old group.

The club was represented by Adam Funnell, Connor Herbert, William Burke, and Samuel Howarth-Moore.

Once again Kin Ryu players found they had some tough fights but showed that their hard work in training was paying off with silvers for William and Connor and gold for Sam and Adam who won their fights with some outstanding throws!

Spirit of Judo award was also won by William In the 9 and overs Kin Ryu had 5 fighters representing the club, Sean Cumper, Scott Woods, Andrew Woods, Ashley Coyne and Matthew Bowden.

Determined to keep up the success of the day, all the boys fought hard and despite some tough fights, Andrew, Scott, Matthew and Ashley came away with a bronze medal, and Sean with a silver after narrowly losing the gold.

Matthew also won the spirit of judo award for his group after showing great grit and determination.

Well done to all for an outstanding 2009 and good luck in 2010!