Tonbridge Invitation
13 April 2008

13 juniors from the club competed at the Invitation held in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. This was to be a tough event even for some of the clubs more seasoned players and although they were nervous they were determined to do their best.

The first to fight were the players in the 5 6 year old age group. The club had two players in this section, Corlia Robertson and Liam Nielsen. Both fought well and were rewarded with bronze Liam and the first gold of the day for Corlia. Liam was then awarded the spirit of judo award for his groups for his excellent display of sportsmanship.

Following these were the players in the 7 8 year old group. The club was represented by Jack Thompson, Ben Wright, Kimberley Davy, Andrew Robertson and Sean Cumper. All fought hard and had some tough fights but returned with bronze for Ben, Kimberley, Andrew and Sean and gold for Jack. Sean, Andrew and Ben were also awarded with the spirit of judo awards for their groups for their sheer determination throughout all their contests.

The final group was the 9,10 and 11 year olds and in this group the club was represented by Marcus Sole, Jason Sole, Kirstyn Chase, Jordan Bryan, Jake Stainwright and Lauren Nielsen. This group faced some tough opposition and in some cases found themselves against opponents that were nearly two belts higher than themselves in grade, but all showed great skill and determination and thoroughly earned their medals. In this group bronze went to Lauren, silver to Marcus and Kirstyn and gold to Jason, Jordan and Jake.