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World Judo Champ Presents Kin Ryu with Award

Crawley's Kin Ryu Judo Club has become one of the first few clubs in Crawley to gain the valuable ‘Clubmark’ award from Sport England.

The Clubmark is a Sport England initiative, which provides a ‘kite mark’ of quality for sports clubs. It is open to any club that fulfils the necessary criteria. The purpose is to identify those clubs that have shown that they are properly and efficiently managed, provide a safe environment for young players to learn and enjoy their sport, and have a high standard of ethics towards all members.

Special guest Kate Howey, MBE, (1997 World Judo Champion and 1996 and 2000 Olympic Judo Medallist) visited Kin Ryu at their venue - K2 Leisure Centre - to make the presentation.

Before the presentation, however, Kate put the junior members through their paces, with an hour's training session; demonstrating and practicing some of the techniques that has lead to her winning 5 World and 2 Olympic Judo medals.

The award was accepted by Martin Rivers, Kin Ryu's co-lead coach, on behalf of the club.

Crawley's Mayor - Her Worship, the Mayor of Crawley Councillor Sally Blake - was invited to present the club with the British Judo Association's 'Club Accreditation Scheme' Award - which runs in parallel with the Clubmark Award. This was accepted by Peter Seymour, Kin Ryu's co-lead coach.

In addition to these two awards, Kin Ryu coaches Martin Rivers, Peter Seymour and Lisa Harrison were awarded with the Sussex County Sport Partnership Gold Volunteer Award, for their services to Judo in both the Club and Sussex. The awards were presented by Nigel Sheehan - Crawley Borough Council's Community Services Manager for Leisure.

The session was finished by Kate presenting the club members with signed certificates.

Kate Howey presents Martin Rivers with the Sport England 'Clubmark' award.

Kin Ryu Judo Club, with Sport England 'Clubmark' and British Judo Association 'Club Accreditation Scheme' award.

Pictured (Standing, left to right)
Gavin Archibald (Seated) - Club Member
Michael Leigh - Club Founder and Honorary Life-President
Stephanie Leigh - Initiator of Club's Clubmark
Paul Rouch - Club Coach
Kate Howey, MBE - 1997 World Champion, Double Olympic Medallist
Matt Kilpatrick (Kneeling) - Club Member
Consort of Her Worship, the Mayor of Crawley, Councillor Nigel Blake
Her Worship, the Mayor of Crawley, Councillor Sally Blake
(Junior Club Member)
Peter Seymour - Club Co-Lead Coach
(Junior Club Member)
(Junior Club Member)
Nigel Sheehan - Crawley Borough Council Community Services Manager of Leisure
(Junior Club Member)
Steve Dunn - Club Member
(Junior Club Member)
Lisa Harrison - Club Coach
Martin Rivers - Club Co-Lead Coach
Junior members pictured:
Aden Rouch, Anna O'Doherty, Beckie Kirkham, Callum Vitler, Ciaran Schembbri, Coral Marriott, David O'Doherty, Elena Angus, Ellis Rouch, Jack Thompson, Joseph O'Doherty, Kimberley Davy, Lucy Marriott, Nathan Schembri, Rebecca Mortimer, Sean Cumper, Shani Light, Tamara Vitler, William Miller, Zachary Dowding, Zoe Killick