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2006 Year End Success for Kin Ryu

Pictured above: William Miller, Sean Cumper, Elena Angus and Jack Thompson


Kin Ryu's youngest members rounded off a great 2006 for the club, by entering their first competition last Sunday. The four competitors all aged between six and eight years old fought hard and despite some initial nerves, showed some of their best judo in front of a large crowd. The youngest boys Sean and Jack fought first in the six year old section. Despite fighting each other in the first round they fought the other boys in their group and did extremely well taking Bronze and Gold respectively. Sean was then presented with the Spirit of Judo award for his section making it an excellent start to the day. After this was William's turn in the seven year old section. He had a hard group as he was smaller than his opponents, but fought well winning his last fight in just 20 seconds to take Bronze!

After lunch it was the turn of the girls and Ellie fought in the eight year old and over group. Unfortunately there were few other eight year olds for Ellie and she ended up fighting in the ten year old group. Ellie gave it everything and came away with a well deserved Bronze. She too was also awarded the Spirit of Judo for her sheer determination in her category. All the competitors came away with a smile as well as their medal, having enjoyed their day.

Across the other side of the area three other members of Kin Ryu were fighting for their grades at the Sussex county grading. It was a successful day for all three fighters with juniors Zoe Killick winning her eighth mon (Orange belt with two stripes) and Rebecca Mortimer winning her tenth mon (Green belt with one stripe). In the Senior section Spenser Lake won his fifth kyu (Upper Green).

All of this rounded off a very successful year for Kin Ryu, so well done to all and looking forward to more successes in 2007!