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26 May 2018



19/20 May 2018



13 May 2018

English Minors


London Open


Southern Area Inter-Counties

Well done to Mia, Aidan and Callum at the English Minors Open in Kidderminister.

A long day with Gold to Mia, Silver to Aidan and Callum finishing outside of the medals.



A tough day today at the London open, lots to take away and learn from.



Katherine- Gold

Ellie- Gold x 2

Clare- Silver

Lucy- Bronze

Aidan- Bronze

Megs- Bronze + 5th

Callum- 5th

Mikey - 5th

Sam, Dec, Meg, Carl- unplaced


Congrats to Kin Ryu players:

Sam, Aidan, Marc, Thomas, Ryan, Ethan, Kobe, Megan, Rebecca, Carl, Ellie and Megan.


Who helped to bring back:


Gold for Men

Silver for Boys

Bronze for Girls

Bronze for Women








11-13 May 2018



6 May 2018



5 May 2018

Lugi Camp, Sweden


Regional England Development Squad (REDS)


London Orange and Under

Kids Cup

Silver, Lucy

4th place, Dan

Treasure Hunt winners – the girls!

Budo Nord Cup

Megan - Bronze

Louis - 5th place

Katherine - 5th place

Declan and Ollie - unplaced


Well done to Aidan, Louis, Joshua and Ryan who all trained hard at the REDS training day.


Fantastic judo today from Zara, Meg and Callum.

All three showed amazing techniques, fantastic transitions 👏🏼💪🏼🥋

Very proud coaches

Zara - silver

Meg - gold

Callum- bronze.

Thanks to Megs for your help coaching.








29 April 2018



28 April 2018



24 April 2018

Squad Training and Tonbridge


English Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open)


IBSA Judo World Cup Antalya

Well done to everyone who worked hard at squad training this weekend (England and Sussex) pleased to hear how you all got on and well done to everyone at Tunbridge today. Lovely to be able to spend the day with the next generation of mighty mini dragons!

Final results:

🥇Sienna    🥇Nikolaos    🥇Rufus

🥇Fergus    🥇Viadotas    🥇Dovydas

🥇Daniel    🥇Rhian

🥈Elisa        🥈Anna    🥈Valencia

🥈Rebecca    🥈Bradley

🥉Sophia    🥉Robin    🥉Keira

🥉Lola        🥉Leah    🥉Olivia

🥉Seb        🥉Reece    🥉Niamh


Tough event for Ryan, Megan, Joe and Louis, with Louis taking a well earned bronze



5th place finish for Natalie here in Antalya. Been a tough event and she was unlucky to finish outside the medals.


Lisa refereed:








21 - 22 April 2018



8 April 2018



5 April 2018

Northern Ireland Open


Sussex Trials 2018


Paralympian Trains Juniors

A great event for Kin Ryu - in both overall performance and personal achievements.

"Jita-Kyoei" - Moving forward together.


Katherine – Silver

Megan - Silver

Thea – 5th

Callum – 5th

Ryan – 7th + 9th

Louis - Unplaced


Gold: Sebastian, Sam, Aidan, Louis, Marc, Ollie, Eth, Zara, Megan H, Lucy, Katherine, Corlia, Meg B, Thea, Joe, Jack, Ryan

Silver: Viatodas, Dec, Ben, Mia, Kobe, Rebecca, Lina, Adam, Zack, Ellie, Ertug

Bronze: Callum, Jotham, Grace, Valencia, Carl, Ijeem, Rhiann, 2nd Bronze, David, Dovydas

Katherine most improved female player

Adam awarded the Laurie Suckling award.

We won the overall points trophy


Great to have our Paralympian Natalie at training to put our mini dragons through their paces!














News                                            November 2017

Junior British Championships


Pre-Cadet & Cadet British Championships


Sussex Squad Training





Well done to those that attended the recent Sussex Squad Training in Chichester







News                                      23 November 2017


News                                       19 November 2017


News                                       11 November 2017

Celebrating with Lisa – British Judo’s Ref of the Year


Kin Ryu @ South Coast Open


Lisa wins British Judo’s Referee of the Year


U12s: Sam gold u30; Aidan silver u34; Dovydas 5th u34; Mikey unplaced u34; Thomas S bronze u38; Josh gold u42; Zara silver u25; Megan silver u28; Rebecca u32 bronze; Lucy u32 unplaced

O12s: Aidan bronze u34; Louis gold u34; Declan silver u38; Marc gold u42; Thomas M 5th u46; Ollie unplaced u46; Adam bronze u55; Zack bronze u66; Joe silver u66; Lina unplaced u52; Grace unplaced u52; Rhian unplaced u57







News                                     4/5 November 2017


News                                     4/5 November 2017


News                                        5 November 2017

Welsh Open


Help for Heros


Harlow Open

Long tough day for all our team, everyone gave there all 100% effort some having 30 players in their group!

Congrats to

Corlia - Silver

Louis - Bronze

Well done to all the team Thea, Joe, Ryan, Marc, Declan


Zara U25 - Bronze

Megan U28 - Gold

Lucy U32- Gold (Winning Orange Belt section too)

Sam U30 Plus U34+U38 - Gold and Silver

(Fighting in Orange and Green too)

Aidan U34 + U38 - Gold

Dan U38 - Bronze

Ollie U46 - Withdrew Injured

Aaron U55 – Gold

Natalie – Gold

Zack – Gold




Dan - Silver

Sam – Silver

Aidan – Gold












News                                           September 2017





UK School Games





Congrats to Ellie (in white), representing England at the 2017 School Games in Loughborough







News                                          September 2017


News                                                 August 2017


News                                                 August 2017

Heart of England


2017 Cambrils, Spain Training Camp


Eastern Area Open

Congratulations to Jonah on his Silver at

the Heart of England


2017 Cambrils camp finished. Fantastic time and some great judo from our team. It’s been eventful at times, but an amazing group of athletes to spend a week with. Well done team!


Well done to everyone who competed yesterday at Thetford. Always a good, tough event. Final results were:


Aidan u30kg – bronze; Louis u34kg -5th; Declan u34kg - 5th; Mikey u34kg - 7th

Pre cadets

Ryan u55kg - 5th


Marc u42kg - gold (won u46kg too); Joe u66kg - 7th

Zack u66kg – bronze; Corlia u48kg – bronze; Megan u52kg – bronze; Ellie u52kg – silver; Thea u57kg - bronze

Thanks as always to our fab coaching team: Clare, Meg, Kirstyn and Ethan, our referees: Martin, Lisa and Peter and to all our travelling supporters.

Well done team!







News                                               August 2017


News                                                 August 2017


News                                                 August 2017

Thea Gains 1st Dan


Bronze for Nat at IBSA Euros!


First Aid Course

Congrats to Thea who has recently gained her 1st Dan.


Image may contain: 1 person, text


Well done to our 17 members who passed their First Aid qualifications









News                                                      July 2017


News                                                      July 2017


News                                                      July 2017

Bronze for Peter at Euro Universities


Western Area Open



Congratulations to Peter who won bronze at European Universities in the +100kg category.


Great weekend at the Western Area Open. Final results were:

GOLD Zara u25kg, Aidan u30kg, Marcus U42kg

BRONZE Megan u28kg, Ryan u55kg, Declan u34kg

5th Louis u34kg, Adam u50kg

Unplaced Zack u66kg, Joe u66kg, Megan u52kg

Coaching Martin and Clare.

Refereeing Lisa

Well done to everyone.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and basketball court


Well done to our mini dragons who competed at Tunbridge this weekend lots of experience gained and medals won








News                                                      July 2017


News                                                      July 2017


News                                                    July 2017



Balcombe Village Fete


UK School Games Selection

Kin Ryu mini dragons today at Redhill. Fun day out all showing great improvements in their judo. Final results were 8 gold, 2 silvers, 3 bronzes and 2 5th's well done team!


Great day had by all!



Congratulations to Ellie who has been selected to represent England at the School Games in September.

Also Congratulations to Thea who has been selected as a reserve.

Well done girls!







News                                                      July 2017


News                                                      July 2017


News                                                      July 2017

2017 IBSA European Judo Championships


Samurai Open


England Minors Open

Congratulations to Kin Ryu athlete Natalie on her selection for the European VI championships.

Also congratulations to Martin and Lisa who have been selected to referee and Peter who has been selected to officiate.


Congratulations to Thea, who had nine contests, winning six - all by ippon - and finished with 2 silvers!



Congrats to Aiden for winning Bronze, at the inaugural England Minors Open in Walsall.










News                                          6 November 2016


News                                          6 November 2016


News                                          5 November 2016

Samurai Pre-Cadet and Cadet


Southampton Invitation


Olympian Session

Fantastic Judo on display today at the Walsall British Judo Centre of Excellence.

Pre cadet, Katherine u48 Bronze, Ryan u50 Silver, Cadets, Marc u42 Bronze, William u42 Gold, Adam u46 Silver, Joe u60 Bronze, Zack u60 Bronze, Ethan u60 7th, Megan u52 Bronze, Ellie u52 Silver, Thea u57 Bronze

For most of our players it meant a step up in the bands....but with total 3 ippon wins with Shime Waza (strangles) throughout the day it showed they are ready and able to step up to this next level.

Tthere was also a very nice Ju-Ji Gatame (armlock) which didn't unfortunately result in a win as our young Judoka still has Pre-Cadet status.

Thanks to Richard and Clare matside coaching today

Well done to all the players today as I am well aware that disregarding the medal tally each and everyone of you excelled in something that you had not achieved before......onward to the nationals in December.


Tough day but a great chance to meet players we haven’t seen before. Everyone showed some great determination and skills and it was great watching our youngest athletes fighting hard often against much older or higher grades. Final resuts were:

Gold: Megan, Louis, Thomas, Lina; Silver: Declan, Zara; Bronze: Fergus, Ben, Francesca, Lucy, Rebecca, Ollie, Oliver, Nikolaos, Rufus, Elliott.

Thanks as always to all the mums and dads for coming and supporting the youngsters and James for his help coaching.


An amazing mornings Judo, Sussex players with Olympian, Colin Oats! Great to see so many Kin Ryu players working so hard and enjoying the session!








News                                            28 October 2016


News                                            23 October 2016


News                                            22 October 2016

Holland / Wales


Southend – Sunday


Southend – Saturday

Congrats to Jack, Adam and Thea for their England Squad selection as they head out to Holland to do battle.


Congrats to Ellie for her bronze at the Welsh Open.


Southend all over for another year, great judo again today from our young athletes in massive groups! So impressed with the range of skills on display but even more impressed with the attitudes they demonstrated. No crying, stressing out, stropping off as I saw others doing even when they lost to big throws or bad decisions. This to me shows the champions they will become.

Thanks again to Richard, Clare and Megan for supporting today.

Final results were:

Lucy – Silver; Declan – silver; Louis – Bronze; Callum 7th; Mikey, Ben, Ollie, Josh and Megan unplaced but superb judo.


Thanks to everyone for their support this weekend.


We finished 4th from 140 clubs!


Superb day at Southend with some amazing judo on display! No easy medals on offer today and our athletes were among the best. A massive thank you to Richard, Clare, Ertug and Corlia who ran around like nutters to try and make sure everyone was supported.

Final results were: Aaron gold; Clare gold and the final points for her 2nd Dan; Megan gold; Marc gold; Ellie gold; Louis gold; Henry silver; Katherine bronze; Thea bronze; Jonah bronze; Natalie bronze; Lina bronze.

No medals this time for Ertug, Connah, Joe, Ryan, Ben, Thomas or William but still great performances in some very tough groups.







News                                            16 October 2016


News                                             8 October 2016


News                                             1 October 2016

Hampshire Kata Competition


British Masters


Bev Price Teams

Congrats to Kin Ryu and TNJC’s kata pairs.

Results were

Thea/Zac Gold in Junior Nage No

Kristina/Corlia Silver in Junior Nage No

Ellie/Stelios Silver in Senior Nage No


Great results from yesterday with Clare taking bronze and Gavin taking silver at the masters.


Well done guys first national medallists of 2016!


What a day!

Final results were:

Bronze - Golden dragons in lightweight boys Louis, Marc and William.

Bronze - Kin Ryu Quiffs heavyweight boys

Ryan, Ethan / Ben, Henry

Gold - JABZ heavyweight boys Adam, Joe, Zack

Bronze - Amazonia heavyweight girls Megan, Thea, Olivia

Bronze - '10 more points please' Mens Jack / Stelios, Jonah, James

Bronze - Mamma Bowie' Barmy army plus 2 Ellie, Meg, Olivia

Silver - Mamma Bowie Barmy Army minus 2 Kirstyn, Clare, Kira

Lots of other great performances shown by our teams who didn't make the medals and everyone suported their teams and worked together with amazing team spirit.

It was a tough day all round but superb judo shown across the groups. Thank you all for coming and supporting everyone.







News                                        28 September 2016


News                                        25 September 2016


News                                        24 September 2016

Jack’s Dan Grade Presentation


Devizes / Northern Ranking / England & Masters


London Area Green and Under

Huge thank you to all the coaches and members of the club who have supported Jack in achieving his black belt. The dedication shown by you all is amazing.


Great days judo yesterday at Devizes some tough groups but our players were right up there. Final results were Gold Thea, Silver Callum, Bronze Joe, 5th Ben. Everyone fighting for medals and all in the mix, well done!


Up north Peter was also taking on some old foes at the Northern area ranking event and he came away with gold, continuing his undefeated run.


Lastly well done to all the guys who survived England and masters squad training.


Medal and placings count are as follows:

3 Golds, 4 Bronzes, Three 5ths & Two 7ths

This was a tough competition with some very strong and large groups. The count cannot portray the excellence with which Kin Ryu fought and conducted themselves today with so many in medal fights only to be denied that shiny piece of metal by a hairs breath decision. Each and everyone performed beyond anything seen from them in previous competitions.







News                                        24 September 2016


News                                        17 September 2016


News                                          8 September 2016

Police Nationals


Crayford/Metro Yellow & Under


7th Place Finish for Natalie at Rio Paralympics

Well done to Andy at this year’s Police National Championships, with a Bronze medal.


Martin and Lisa were both invited to referee.


Well done everyone who fought today at Crayford. Very tough comp with everyone taking on opponents from some of the country’s biggest clubs.

All our players fought with grit and determination and improvements showing all round.

Final results were:

Gold for Lina, Henry, Declan and Josh

Silver for Valencia, Wary, Callum, Ellie and Ollie

Bronze for Ben, Megan, Elliott and Louis.


Well done to everyone!


Full Results











News                                        17 September 2016


News                                          8 September 2016



Crayford/Metro Yellow & Under


7th Place Finish for Natalie at Rio Paralympics



Well done everyone who fought today at Crayford. Very tough comp with everyone taking on opponents from some of the country’s biggest clubs.

All our players fought with grit and determination and improvements showing all round.

Final results were:

Gold for Lina, Henry, Declan and Josh

Silver for Valencia, Wary, Callum, Ellie and Ollie

Bronze for Ben, Megan, Elliott and Louis.


Well done to everyone!


Full Results







News                                         3 September 2016


News                                             28 August 2016


News                                              27 August 2016

Corlia Wins Bronze at UK School Games


Kin Ryu go to Italian Training Camp


Kin Ryu Support #IAmTeamGB at K2

Just 5 weeks after returning from injury and getting back to fitness Corlia showed grit taking her first 2 fights to time and was unlucky lose her second after leading most of the fight. She then won her third in just 30 seconds with a superb throw.


Good luck to the 'Kin Ryu massive' on route to Italy!



YouTube Vid from K2








News                                              24 August 2016


News                                             15 August 2016


News                                             11 August 2016

Natalie Selected for Rio Paralympics


Good weekend at the Eastern Area Open


Training Stops for Olympic Bronze Contest

Kin Ryu is incredibly honoured to announce that Natalie has been selected to join Paralympic GB and compete at the Games in Rio.

British Judo Announcement


Tough comp with some international foreign players making an appearance.

Final results:

Gold Adam beating some old rivals along the way

Gold Peter with super ippon judo

Bronze Thea who had a tough day at the office!

5th Ryan at his first u50 comp, narrowly losing for bronze

No medal this time for Ben but wasn’t outclassed in his first ranking tournament and Ellie who fought well in a tough cadet group!


Thanks to Richard for his support and coaching and Martin, Peter and Lisa for refereeing.


Training stops temporarily to watch GB’s Sally Conway win an amazing bronze medal at Rio 2016. Congratulations from all of us at Kin Ryu Judo Club!







News                                              24 July 2016


News                                               17 July 2016


News                                               10 May 2016

Western Area Open




Kin Ryu – At Balcombe Village Fete

An excellent day for the club not just in medals and results but in terms of the progress being made by the individuals who fought.

With 6 months to the British Championships it’s good to see players pushing themselves and starting to think about how to get to the next level in their judo. Always work to be done and new goals to be set but hard work paying off and the improvements are there for everyone to see.


So with all that the results from today were:

Gold – Peter & Katherine; Silver – Thea; Bronze -

Adam, Ryan, Callum & Ellie; No medal today for Zack, but super judo on display. Terrible draw but really pushing the top cadets in his weight.


Well done everyone who fought and Richard who pushed through the pain of a bad back to support everyone.


Next Gen

Super day at Tunbridge Wells today with some great judo on display.  Final results were:

10 gold

4 silver

5 bronze

2 spirit of judo awards


Some outstanding throwing from all the players and a real want to win from everyone.


Thanks to Martin, Peter, Richard, Lisa, James, Lina and Megan for all their help today and to all the parents who cheered the team on. Great job, well done!


Thanks to all those who supported both Kin Ryu and the Balcombe Village Fete.


Some great judo on display and a job well done by all who helped those stepping onto the mat for the first time!








News                                               13July 2016


News                                               10 July 2016


News                                                   June 2016

Corlia Selected for UK School Games




Kent International 2016



Congrats to Corlia, who was been selected to represent England at the School Games in Loughborough, from 1st to 4th September.


The girls fought really well in tough groups.

Results are:

Katherine silver

Megan bronze

Ellie bronze

They were all really supportive of one another, a real credit to the club well done girls



Last weekend Kin Ryu Judo Club fighters were again out competing, this time in Kent where they were fighting for medals at the Kent International. This event is the largest and one of the toughest events in the judo calendar with 1000 competitors competing from several different countries.







News                                              10 July 2016


News                                                      9 July 2016


News                                                  2 July 2016

Surrey Open




Kin Ryu Represents South at National Teams

Round up for today’s senior Competition at Doynings leisure centre in Redhill.

Gold for Stuart -100kgs

Gold for Jackson -73kgs

Gold for Zack -60kgs

Silver for Joe -60kgs

Well done to everyone, some personal goals were achieved today, another comp another step forward.


Great fun today at the Dartford red belt rumble, everyone put in a great performance and its great to see our new Kin Ryu dragons moving forward in their contest judo. Final results were

Gold- Mikey, Ben, Callum, Lucy; Silver- Elliott, Ollie, Thomas, Declan; Bronze- Valencia, Wary

Well done also to Martin who refereed continuously for 3.5hrs!


Good luck to all those competing today for the South at the National teams:


Katherine (Pre-Cadet)

Thea (Pre-Cadet)

Adam (Pre-Cadet)

Kirstyn (Senior)

Simon (Senior)

Renaud (Senior)

Peter (Senior)











News                                                2 July 2016


News                                                   25 June 2016


News                                              18 June 2016

Whitley Invitation


European Masters



Congrats to Issac, Toby and Jack – Silver, Gold and Gold!


Bronze for Clare; 7th Place for Gavin


Good day at Samurai with the whole team performing well, final results were:

Megan - bronze

Callum - gold

Mikey - bronze

Louis - gold

Ollie - bronze

Aaron - gold

Lina - gold

Megan - gold


Well done to everyone and thanks to Richard for coaching and Martin for watching every fight in his capacity as RiC.











News                                             12 June 2016


News                                               5 June 2016


News                                          21/22 May 2016

Eastern Area Fours


GB Visually Impaired Judo Grand Prix 2016


London Open

Fun day at the Eastern Area Fours today with some great groups and close fights for everyone.

Final results were:

Gold - Callum, Ellie, Marc, Joe, Stuart, Louis, Declan.

Silver - Ben, Mikey, Hannah, Lucy, Ryan, Ben, Megan

Bronze - Carolyn, Patrick, Lina, Elliott, Megan

Thanks and well done to everyone who fought, coached, refereed, supported and made it a thoroughly enjoyable day! Place for Natalie, with Martin, Lisa and Peter refereeing.




Everyone performed well in London.

Minors u48 Katherine blazed through her 4 fights with 3 ippon wins to win gold.

Pre Cadets u57 Thea was slightly off her normal game but still fought well to take bronze with 3 super ippons along the way.

Pre Cadets u42 Adam was on fire winning all 3 fights by ippon on his way to the final. He lost the gold on a small score but a super silver medal.

An epic 11 fights its been a busy day for Clare Bowie!

Only 1 other u70kg master entered so was pursuaded to enter the seniors.

In a pool of 6 plus 1 u57 she finished in a 3 way tie so had refights and finally finished with bronze and 20 points.

Onto the masters and after losing the first she won the next 2 to take the gold and another 20 points. 20 to go!

Well done everyone and of course coach Richard!











News                                               5 June 2016


News                                               5 June 2016


News                                          21/22 May 2016






Fun day here at the Midlands with some good contests!

Final results:

Ben 5th (U27)

Louis Gold (U34)

Adam Gold (U42)

Ryan Silver (U46)

Joe Gold (U55) Bronze (U60)

Lucy Silver (U28)

Katherine Gold (U48) Bronze (U52)

Megan Gold (U52 Red & Yellow) Gold (U52 Orange & Green)

Thea Gold (U57) Gold (U63)

Clare Silver (U63) Silver (U70)

James Bronze (U100)


Well done everyone and thanks as always to the supporters for coming up!!